Bill Winke Net Worth, Biography, Wife and more 2023

Bill Winke Net Worth, Biography, Wife

Bill Winke is a renowned outdoor writer, photographer, and videographer who specializes in deer hunting, deer management, and hunting land. He has been writing for hunting magazines since 1991 and has authored two books: Stand Hunting for Whitetails and Whitetail Access.

He has also contributed thousands of articles to various publications such as Bowhunting World, North American Whitetail, Petersen’s Bowhunting, and Field & Stream.

Bill is also the founder and owner of Midwest Whitetail, a web-based video series that showcases near real-time deer hunting action and strategies from across the Midwest. He started the show in 2007 and ran it until 2019 when he sold it to Realtree.

Bill Winke Biography

Real name Bill Winke
Date Of Birth 1963
Age 59 years old
Net Worth $5 million
Nationality American
Hometown Oklahoma
Profession  Hunter, writer, photographer, and videographer
Wife Pamela Winke
Children Jordan and Drew

Bill Winke was born and raised in Iowa, a state known for its trophy whitetails. He grew up hunting with his father and brother on their family farm.

He developed a love for the outdoors and wildlife at an early age. He also had a knack for writing and photography. He decided to combine his talents and passions and pursue a career as an outdoor writer.

Bill Winke graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in mechanical engineering in 1986. He worked as a project engineer for NWL Control Systems from 1986 to 1990, where he was involved in the prototype phase of the horizontal tail actuation system for the F-22 fighter jet.

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Even though he enjoyed his engineering job, he felt that something was missing. He wanted to spend more time in the woods and share his hunting experiences with others.

In 1991, Bill Winke started writing for hunting magazines. He quickly gained recognition and respect for his informative, engaging, and honest articles. Bill wrote about topics such as stand hunting, scouting, trail cameras, food plots, habitat improvement, bow tuning, gear reviews, and more.

He also shared his personal stories and adventures from his hunts across the country and wrote for publications such as Bowhunting World, North American Whitetail, Petersen’s Bowhunting, and Field & Stream. Bill Winke also authored two books: Stand Hunting for Whitetails (1997) and Whitetail Access (2010). These books are considered classics by many deer hunters.

How Bill Winke Created Midwest Whitetail

Bill Winke had a vision of creating a web-based video series that would show deer hunting as it happened, without any editing or scripting. He wanted to capture the reality and excitement of deer hunting in the Midwest and educate and entertain his viewers with his tips, tactics, successes, failures, and lessons learned.

In 2007, Bill Winke launched Midwest Whitetail with a small team of cameramen and editors. He started filming his hunts on his own properties in Iowa and Missouri, as well as on public lands and leases.

He also invited other hunters to join him and share their hunts on camera. He uploaded new episodes every week during the hunting season, sometimes even daily, and also produced various custom series for Realtree and Cabela’s.

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Midwest Whitetail became an instant hit among deer hunters. It was unlike anything else on the web or TV at the time. It was authentic, raw, and relatable and showed the highs and lows of deer hunting in real time.

It also showed how Bill Winke managed his properties to grow and attract mature whitetails, which inspired many hunters to improve their skills and enjoy their hunts more.

Bill Winke ran Midwest Whitetail until 2019 when he sold it to Realtree. He still hosts the main show and produces various custom series for Realtree and Cabela’s. He also runs a website called, where he posts blogs and videos about his hunting experiences and land management projects.

Bill Winke

Bill Winke’s Wife and Children

Bill Winke lives in southern Iowa with his wife, Pam Winke, and their two children, Jordan and Drew. He owns a 600-acre farm that he has transformed into his dream hunting property over the years.

He has planted food plots, created bedding areas, installed water sources, built stands, hung cameras, and more. He has also leased and managed several other properties in Iowa and Missouri.

Bill Winke’s Net Worth

Bill Winke has a net worth of $5 million as of 2023. His income primarily comes from outdoor media ventures, including the sale of his web-based video series Midwest Whitetail to Realtree, where he still hosts the show and produces custom series.

He earns additional income through his writing career, website, public speaking engagements, and consulting services related to land management and deer hunting. Through his expertise and dedication, Bill Winke has become a highly respected figure in the hunting industry.

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