Is Alec Cabacungan Still Alive in 2023?

Does Alec from Shriners have Teeth? Is Alec Cabacungan Still Alive

Alec Cabacungan, the beloved spokesperson of Shriners Children’s Hospital, has touched the hearts of millions with his inspiring story of resilience and determination. He has been the face of the hospital for many years, and his infectious smile and positive attitude have made him a role model for people around the world.

However, despite his popularity, there have been rumors circulating on the internet about Alec’s health and well-being. One of the most common questions that people ask is “Is Alec Cabacungan still alive?” In this blog post, we will explore this question and shed light on Alec’s current condition.

Alec’s Background and Struggles

Alec Cabacungan was born in 2002 in Chicago, USA, to Gill and Alma Cabacungan. At the age of two months, he was diagnosed with osteogenesis imperfecta (OI), also known as brittle bone disease, which causes the bones to break easily.

Alec has broken over 60 bones in his lifetime and has undergone numerous surgeries to manage his condition. Despite his struggles, Alec has never let his disability hold him back. He has always been passionate about sports and dreamed of becoming a sports broadcaster.

Alec’s Career as a Spokesperson

When Alec was 12 years old, he was invited to participate in a fundraising campaign for Shriners Children’s Hospital. His involvement was a turning point in his life.

He became the spokesperson for the hospital, sharing his story and inspiring people around the world. Alec’s commercials for Shriners have been a hit, and his positive attitude has won him many fans.

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He has traveled around the country, attending various sports events and promoting OI and the Shriners Hospital.

Is Alec Cabacungan Still Alive in 2023?

Alec Cabacungan is still alive and well. He is currently at Northwestern University, where he is passionately studying journalism at the renowned Medill School of Journalism, Media, and Integrated Marketing Communications.

Upon earning his bachelor’s degree, Alec intends to pursue his dream of becoming a sports broadcaster. In addition to this, he also expresses interest in acting and philanthropy as future career options.

When Alec Cabacungan is not studying, he enjoys watching the latest movies, playing and coaching wheelchair basketball, teasing his older sisters, triumphing over his friends in video games, and, of course, appearing in Shriners Children’s commercials.

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