Who is Judge Rhonda Wills Husband? All You Need to Know About Her Marriage

Judge Rhonda Wills Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband and Net Worth

Judge Rhonda Wills is a well-known figure in the legal world, with her career as an attorney and her television show “Relative Justice” gaining widespread recognition. However, her personal life has also been a topic of interest, particularly her relationships with her ex-husband, Anthony C. Wills, and her current husband, Courtney Barnes.

In this blog post, we will delve into the backgrounds, accomplishments, and relationships of both Anthony C. Wills and Courtney Barnes, shedding light on their roles in Judge Rhonda Wills’ life.

Anthony C. Wills—Judge Rhonda Wills’ Ex-Husband

Judge Rhonda Wills and Anthony C. Wills married got on March 13, 1993. The couple shared a life together and had four children. They worked together as attorneys and a couple for 20 years before getting divorced in 2013.

Anthony C. Wills is an attorney just like Judge Rhonda Wills. He was born on January 16, 1967, and is currently 56 years old. His legal career spans over 20 years, during which he has worked as in-house counsel at a Fortune 500 company and as an associate attorney at two nationally recognized law firms.

He has expertise in various areas of law, including corporate law, litigation, and business strategy. Anthony’s time as in-house counsel has shaped his holistic approach to representing both individuals and companies, combining legal knowledge with business acumen.

He has also made significant contributions to the business world, working as a senior strategist and marketing analyst at an oil and gas company for five years before pursuing his law career.

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Anthony C. Wills has achieved significant financial success, with a reported net worth of $10 million, reflecting his commitment to excellence and his ability to thrive in various professional endeavors.

He also has a law firm called Wills Legacy, where he provides individuals and corporate bodies with legal advice. The firm is located in the South Bay Area.

Judge Rhonda Wills ex-husband Anthony C. Wills

Judge Rhonda Wills’ new Husband, Mr. Courtney Barnes

Judge Rhonda Wills’ current husband is Mr. Courtney Barnes. They got married on May 18, 2018, and currently do not have any children together. Courtney Barnes is known for his successful career as a businessman and entrepreneur.

He has a diverse range of interests and achievements, including real estate, technology, and entertainment. Courtney has demonstrated a keen business sense, with a track record of successful ventures and investments.

Courtney Barnes is also actively involved in various philanthropic endeavors, supporting causes such as education, healthcare, and social justice. He has shown a commitment to giving back to the community and making a positive impact on society.

Judge Rhonda Wills’ marriage with both Anthony C. Wills and Courtney Barnes have played significant roles in her personal and professional life. Her past marriage to Anthony C. Wills has shaped her experiences as a wife and mother, while also influencing her understanding of legal matters through her ex-husband’s legal expertise.

On the other hand, Judge Rhonda Wills’ current husband, Courtney Barnes, brings a different perspective to her life with his successful business ventures and philanthropic efforts. His support and partnership have likely influenced her career choices and personal growth as well.

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Judge Rhonda Wills with her new husband, Courtney Barnes and the four children
Judge Rhonda Wills with her new husband, Courtney Barnes, and her four children


In conclusion, Judge Rhonda Wills’ ex-husband, Anthony C. Wills, and current husband, Courtney Barnes, have both played significant roles in her life. Anthony’s legal career and business expertise, along with Courtney’s successful ventures and philanthropic efforts, have shaped Judge Rhonda Wills’ personal and professional experiences.

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