Kim Perell Net Worth 2023: The Success Story of the Multi-Millionaire

Kim Perell net worth

Kim Perell is a name that has become synonymous with entrepreneurship, investment, and innovation. She is an accomplished businesswoman, angel investor, and author who has defied the odds to achieve incredible success in her career.

With over two decades of experience in digital marketing technology, Kim has founded and sold multiple businesses, generating billions of dollars in revenue. She has also made over 100 investments in well-known firms and authored two best-selling books.

In this blog post, we will delve into the life and accomplishments of Kim Perell, examining how she rose from being indigent and jobless to becoming one of the most successful female entrepreneurs, net worth, and investors in the US.

Bio Summary

Real name Kim Reel Perell
Date of Birth 1975
Age 47 years old
Birth Place Portland, Oregon, USA
Net Worth $50 million
Nationality American
Hometown Portland, Oregon, USA
Profession Entrepreneur
Husband John Perell
Children Elle, John, Bill, and Jack

Kim Perell’s Humble Beginning

Kim Perell was born in 1975 in Portland, Oregon, to a family of five. Kim Perell’s journey to success was not without its challenges. As a child, she was told that she was not the brilliant one after taking an IQ test. Her twin sister and older brother attended gifted and talented schools, leaving her feeling inadequate.

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However, Kim’s determination to succeed led her to Pepperdine University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. After graduation, she was hired by an internet start-up that later went bankrupt, leaving her jobless. It was during this trying time that her 80-year-old grandmother gave her a $10,000 loan to start her own business.

Founding Her First Business

Kim Perell founded her first business at her kitchen table, working tirelessly to grow it from scratch. She faced numerous challenges, including a lack of funding, but her resilience and hard work eventually paid off.

Kim’s business, an affiliate marketing network, grew to generate over $100 million in revenue annually. She later sold the business twice, making her a multimillionaire at the age of 30.

Success as an Angel Investor

Kim Perell’s success as an entrepreneur opened up new opportunities for her as an investor. She has made over 100 investments in well-known firms, including Apple and Intuit, becoming the most successful female angel investor in the US. She was also a pioneering investor in The Trade Desk, now worth more than $30 billion (NASDAQ: TTD).

Books by Kim Perell

Kim Perell is also an accomplished author, with two best-selling books to her name. Her first book, The Execution Factor, is a guide for entrepreneurs looking to succeed both professionally and personally. It provides a roadmap for achieving success through effective planning, execution, and accountability.

Her second book, Jump: Dare to Do What Scares You in Business and in Life, was published in 2021. It is a powerful call to action for those who want to push past their fears and take bold steps toward their dreams. In this book, Kim shares her personal journey

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Accolades and Honors

Kim Perell‘s accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. She has received numerous honors, including being named Entrepreneur of the Year for Ernst & Young and the National Association of Female Executives.

She has also received accolades for being an Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young, one of Business Insider’s Most Influential Women in Mobile Advertising, and one of AdAge’s Marketing Technology Trailblazers.

Kim has been profiled in a number of media, including The New York Times, Forbes, CNN Money, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc Magazine, Business Insider, and The Huffington Post.

5 Lessons from Kim Perell’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Kim Perell’s life story is full of valuable lessons that can inspire and guide aspiring entrepreneurs. Here are some of the key takeaways from her journey:

  1. Don’t let setbacks define you: Kim was fired from her first job out of college, but instead of giving up, she used it as an opportunity to launch her own business.
  2. Embrace failure: Kim’s businesses didn’t always succeed, but she learned valuable lessons from each failure and used them to build even more successful ventures.
  3. Believe in yourself: Despite being told she wasn’t the “brilliant one” as a child, Kim never gave up on her dreams and believed in her own abilities.
  4. Take calculated risks: Kim’s success as an angel investor is a testament to her ability to take calculated risks and identify opportunities for growth.
  5. Stay focused: Kim’s laser focus on her goals and her ability to stay committed to them even in the face of challenges helped her build billion-dollar businesses.
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Husband and Children

Despite her busy career, Kim Perell still makes time for her family. She is married to John Perell, and the couple has two sets of twins: Elle and John, born in 2016, and Bill and Jack, born in 2019. They currently live in Miami, Florida, USA.

Kim Perell, her husband John Perell and their two set of twins
Kim Perell, her husband John Perell and their two set of twins

Kim Perell Net Worth 2023

Kim Perell’s net worth is estimated to be $50 million, according to Forbes. Her success as an entrepreneur and angel investor has allowed her to accumulate a significant amount of wealth. She has a track record of growing businesses from zero to over $1 billion in yearly revenue and has made over 100 investments in well-known companies, including Apple and Intuit. Kim’s net worth is a testament to her hard work, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit.

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