Lance Chody Net Worth, Biography, Wife and Children 2023

Lance Chody Net Worth, Biography, Wife and Children

Lance Chody is an American entrepreneur and real estate developer. Lance is the founder and CEO of Chody Real Estate Corp., a Chicago-based real estate development company. He is aslo the chairman and CEO of Garrett Brands LLC.

In this blog post, we delve into the biography, age, career accomplishments, his devoted wife, and his remarkable net worth, offering a comprehensive overview of Lance Chody’s remarkable success story.

Lance Chody Biography

Real name Lance Chody
Date Of Birth August 1, 1957
Age 65 years old
Net Worth $50 million
Nationality American
Hometown Chicago
Profession Entrepreneur
Wife Megan Chody
Children  Hannah, Elle, and Brett

Lance Chody was born on August 1, 1957, in the vibrant city of Chicago, Illinois. Growing up in a large family, Lance learned the value of hard work, determination, and the importance of community.

Following his graduation from college, Lance embarked on a path as a real estate agent and investor, quickly amassing a fortune through various business ventures.

In 1980, he founded Chody Real Estate Corp., a Chicago-based real estate development company that has since become renowned for its acquisitions and development of retail, industrial, office, and residential properties.

Lance’s entrepreneurial drive has extended beyond the realm of real estate, as he has successfully founded and managed domestic and international businesses in diverse industries, harnessing his unique insights to overcome challenges faced by landlords and tenants alike.

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Acquisition of Garrett Brands

In 2005, Lance Chody made a significant move by acquiring Garrett Popcorn Shops, a cherished Chicago-based chain founded in 1949. Lance’s entrepreneurial vision transformed Garrett Popcorn into an international retailer with 48 stores located in major cities such as Atlanta, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Madrid, and more.

The chain is renowned for its iconic caramel crisp and cheesecorn flavors, which have garnered a devoted following of popcorn enthusiasts worldwide.

Under Lance’s stewardship, Garrett Popcorn has thrived, becoming a beloved brand that captures the essence of Chicago’s rich culinary heritage.

Acquisition of Frango Chocolate Mints

In 2017, Lance Chody expanded his portfolio of iconic Chicago brands by acquiring Frango chocolate mints. This acquisition further solidified his commitment to preserving and revitalizing local traditions.

Frango, known for its delectable mint chocolates, holds a special place in the hearts of Chicagoans, and under Lance’s leadership, the brand continues to flourish, delighting chocolate lovers both near and far.

Lance Chody Age

Lance Chody, born on August 1, 1957, currently stands at the age of 65, bringing with him a wealth of experience and wisdom earned through decades of business ventures and accomplishments.

Lance Chody Wife and family

Lance Chody is married to Megan Chody, an integral part of the Garrett Brands family. Lance Chody’s partner in both life and business is his wife, Megan Chody, who serves as the director of consumer engagement at Garrett Brands.

Their partnership reflects a shared vision and commitment to excellence, evident in the success of their ventures. They are blessed with three lovely daughters, Hannah, Elle, and Brett.

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Megan Chody and her three daughters
Megan Chody and her three daughters

Lance Chody Net Worth 2023

Lance Chody has amassed a net worth of $50 million as of 2023. His primary source of income stems from his successful ventures in the snack industry, including Garrett Brands, which owns popular brands like Garrett Popcorn Shops and Frango chocolate mints, as well as his involvement in real estate development through Chody Real Estate Corp.


Through his leadership in Garrett Brands and Chody Real Estate Corp., Chody has left an indelible mark on the snack industry and the real estate development sector. His partnership with his wife Megan, his philanthropic endeavors, and his impressive net worth further exemplify his impact and success.

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