Mia Ehlers: Latest Updates about Chad Ehlers’ Daughter, Custody and more

Chad Ehlers and his daughter Mia Ehlers-Is Chad Ehlers Daughter Still Alive

Mia Ehlers is the second daughter of Chad Ehlers who is a social media influencer, speaker, and founder and CEO of The Chad Change Movement. Mia Ehlers was born on September 26, 2018, in New Orleans where her parents were living at the time. Mia was born a healthy baby and her birth brought joy and happiness to the parents.

However, just before she turned two years old, Mia Ehlers developed a persistent rash that did not respond to medical treatment. The parents then took her to the hospital, where routine blood work was done.

After several medical examinations doctors, they discovered that Mia was suffering from, leukemia—a childhood cancer. Since that day, Mia has been battling leukemia.

Real Name Mia Ehlers
Date of Birth September 26, 2018
Age 4 years old
Father Chad Ehlers
Mother Ruslana
Sibling Kyra Ehlers


Height N/A

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A Courageous Battle against Leukemia

She has undergone various types of chemotherapy, physical therapy, and spinal procedures that required anesthesia. Despite the challenges and pain she has faced, Mia has shown remarkable strength and resilience. Her brave fight against cancer has captivated the hearts of many people around the world.

Her father Chad Ehler, who is a social media influencer, has been sharing Mia’s journey through his platforms, documenting her progress and the challenges they face as a family. Through his posts, Chad has been able to raise awareness about childhood cancer and the struggles that hospitalized children and their families go through.

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He has used his platform to advocate for increased support, resources, and research for children with cancer and their families, inspiring many to join in his cause.

The Chad Change Movement

In response to Mia’s journey, Chad started the Chad Change movement, using his social media presence to spread awareness about childhood cancer and advocate for better support for hospitalized children and their families. The Chad Change movement has gained traction, with people from all over the world joining in to support Mia and raise awareness about childhood cancer.

Chad’s posts provide updates on Mia’s progress, but they also shine a light on the emotional, physical, and financial toll that childhood cancer can have on families. He shares their struggles, their hopes, and their journey with authenticity and vulnerability, touching the hearts of many.

The Chad Change movement has become a beacon of hope for families facing similar challenges, creating a sense of community and support among those who have been touched by Mia’s story.

How old is Mia Ehlers

Mia Ehlers is currently 4 years old. She was born on September 26, 2018, in New Orleans in the United States.

Is Chad Ehlers Daughter Still Alive?

Yes, Mia is still alive and continues her fight against leukemia. She is currently 4 years old and is still undergoing cancer treatment.

Where is Mia Ehlers Now?

Mia Ehlers, the courageous fighter who has inspired so many with her bravery in the face of leukemia, is currently living with her mom, Ruslana Ehlers. After Mia’s parents Chad and Ruslana Ehlers divorced, Ruslana remarried and decided to move to a different state with Mia to join her new husband. Initially, Chad refused to let Mia move with her mother, and the matter was taken to court. Unfortunately, the judge ruled in favor of Ruslana, allowing her to relocate with Mia to a new state.

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As per the court’s decision, Chad is only allowed to see Mia once a month under supervision. This has been a challenging situation for Chad, as he has been vocal about his love for his daughter and his desire to be a part of her life.

Why was Chad Ehlers’ daughter taken away?

Chad Ehlers, in a heartfelt video, shares the challenging journey that he has been through, including details about his marriage, divorce, court orders, and the heartbreaking loss of custody of his beloved daughter, Mia.

In the video, Chad opens up about his past marriage to Ruslana Ehlers, Mia’s mother, and how they eventually went through a divorce. He reveals that after the divorce, Ruslana remarried and made the decision to move to a different state with Mia to join her new husband. Chad shares the emotional toll this decision took on him as a father who deeply loves his daughter and wanted to be a part of her life.

Chad goes on to explain that he initially refused to let Mia move with Ruslana, and the matter was taken to court. However, despite his efforts, the judge ruled in favor of Ruslana, granting her custody of Mia and allowing her to relocate to the new state. Watch the video below.

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