Zarna Garg Net Worth, Biography, Age, Husband, Children and more 2023

Zarna Garg Net Worth, Biography, Age, Husband, Children

Zarna Garg is an Indian-American multi-talented artist who has made a name for herself in the world of entertainment through her stand-up comedy, acting, screenwriting, and social media presence. Born and raised in Mumbai, India, Zarna had to overcome several obstacles to pursue her dreams.

However, her determination and talent have paid off, and she is now a respected figure in the entertainment industry with a growing fan base. In this blog post, we will explore the life and career of Zarna Garg, from her humble beginnings in Mumbai to her success in the United States, her age, her husband, her children, and her net worth.

Zarna Garg Biography

Real Name Zarna Garg
Date of Birth June 20, 1975
Age 47 years old
Nationality Indian
Net Worth $500k
Husband Shalabh Garg
Children Zoya Garg, Brij Garg, and Veer Garg
Profession Standup comedian, screenwriter, lawyer, and actress

Zarna Garg was born on June 20, 1975, in Mumbai, India. She spent her childhood in her hometown until the age of 14 when her mother passed away.

Following her mother’s death, Zarna’s father arranged for her to be married, which she refused and left her home and stayed with friends and family.

Eventually, Zarna moved to Ohio, where she attended school and started working as a screenwriter. However, she soon discovered her passion for stand-up comedy and began performing at various events.

Stand-Up Comedy Career

Zarna Garg’s stand-up comedy career started to take off after she began performing at the Comedy Cellar in New York City and at Carolines on Broadway.

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She quickly gained recognition for her witty and relatable material, which often touches on topics such as family, relationships, and cultural differences.

Zarna’s best-known pieces include “Rearranged,” “Sundays with Seema,” and “To the Letter,” for which she won the Best Comedy Screenplay Award at the 2019 Austin Film Festival.

Zarna Garg has also received other accolades, including being a semi-finalist for a Nicholl Fellowship and winning the Top Comedy Feature Screenplay Award at the 2019 Austin Film Festival.

In addition to her stand-up comedy career and screenwriting success, Zarna Garg has also become a TikTok comedy star. She uses her platform to share comedic skits, satirical commentary, and personal anecdotes.

Zarna’s relatable content and humor have helped her gain a loyal fan base and expand her reach beyond traditional stand-up comedy venues.

Husband and Children

Zarna Garg is married to Shalabh Garg, and the couple has three children;  Zoya Garg, Brij Garg, and Veer Garg together. They currently reside in New York City, where Zarna continues to perform stand-up comedy and work on her screenwriting projects.

Zarna Garg Net Worth 2023

Zarna’s net worth is estimated at $500k as of 2023, according to Forbes and Wikipedia. Her success as a stand-up comedian, screenwriter, actress, and social media personality has helped her achieve financial stability and independence.

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